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Transformers Prime : Re#Con — Episode 3 : Silver Gate and Silver Key

Now with improved character sprites and more action!

Legal Disclaimer:
This is a work of fan fiction with pictures, using characters and settings from the Transformers franchise, which is trademarked and copyright to Hasbro, Inc (2014).  This story is provided free, not for profit, as a fan work only.

What happens?
The Autobots team up with Airachnid to breach the Decepticon space bridge.  A powerful pair of seekers haunts our heroes while Knock Out’s charms entrap the amnesiac Orion Pax.  Will the ‘Bots be able to defeat the space bridge’s otherworldly guardian and finally reach the shrine of Vector Sigma?

Where can I get it?
Windows build is here.  Just unzip FEUIR3, then run TFPRe#Con3.exe
Mac build is here.  Just unzip FEUIR3, then open TFPRe#Con3.app

Episodes One and Two are in a combined file here for windows, here for mac.  Please note that these are large files on account of the background music!  If you’d like a Linux version, please let me know via ask.

Please let me know if you enjoyed this or have any criticisms!

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Anonymousasked, "If the Transformers do not have a gender, why should they have a sexual orientation? This is in regards to your analysis of KO, which wasn't really an analysis but rather a fanboy's wishful thinking. The truth is, there is no sexual orientation among them because sexual orientation is a human concept. That, and your 'Knockout needs to be gay because we need more gay characters' is a real social justice move, not an analytic one."

MOSHY!  Is that you, Moshy?  Oh goodness gracious, I feel… I feel so honoured to be visited by you ; my heart is all twitterpated!

It’s true that transformers, lacking human gender, would not have human sexualities.  However, this is not to say that transformers would lack gender altogether (there are multiple gender systems proposed by fans, from my tri-gender system to systems that see each frame type as a gender), and it also does not mean that they would lack sexuality.  However, you specifically said “sexual orientation” which would refer to preferences within a gender system, so I won’t accuse you of being against sexuality.

I have never claimed to be entirely analytic.  I believe that since Transformers is an important show watched by many children, it has a hand in shaping the perceptions of these children about such things as gender without being blatantly about said things.  In my recent gender discussion post, I talk about how it’s important to have cybertronian “female” characters because cybertronians are seen by children and many adults to be cyphers for humanity, and so the presence and depiction of “female” cybertronians informs how the humans see human females.  It is the same way for sexuality.

Sexuality should probably never be openly discussed in Transformers beyond maybe a human kid character mentioning he has two moms or something along those lines.  But all the same, many character traits or pieces of dialogue can ring true as allegories for human sexualities.  For example, Rattrap in Beast Wars commonly made comments about his appreciation for The Ladies~, informing the audience that he was presenting himself with recognisably Straight Male behaviour.  When Grimlock in TFA goes heart-heart steampuff gaga for Blackarachnia, this again is a stereotypically Straight male coded reaction in cartoons.  Likewise, Blackarachnia’s interactions and backstory with Optimus in TFA have Straight Person overtones to them, implying a past love relationship.  Many male reactions to female characters in media are not seen as demonstrations of their sexuality, but they are indeed just as blatant as a wolf whistle from a man to another man followed by “sweet butt.”  Or maybe I should say “sweet rims.”

I’d really like it if more gay characters could appear in media separated from unfortunate stereotypes.  The fact remains though that sometimes a stereotype is all some people have to go on.  Some people want to see more characters like them in media.  Some of those people will be gay people looking to see gay representation, and they might see that in Knockout’s classically camp demeanour and interactions with other members of the male cast.  This comes down to the rub of the matter concerning Knockout :
Some people will see him as gay.
Others will see him as simply vain.
Both interpretations are valid.

A character can mean many things to many people.  When it comes to analysing and interpreting a character, we can take into account their canon actions in the story, the thematic effect of their actions in a story, the way they relate to the society that created their story, and the personal biases of each reviewer when discussing them. 

I think it is closed-minded to ignore the way characters relate to the society that created them when analysing them.  If we ignore a society’s cultural expectations and impact on a character and story, we could well see a character in a French movie portrayed with a + shape theme who sacrifices himself for others over and over and say “Ah, it is Plus Man, the positive superhero!” without understanding the larger cultural assumptions about the character : he’s a Jesus analogue.  It’s exactly the way puns work : words rhyme and have multiple connotations, just like character concepts and actions rhyme with culture and carry additional connotations.  It’s the reason that a Japanese mystery show had the breakthrough revolve around the victim walking on her knees into her apartment, explaining why she wound up so far away from her murder site with shoes on.  The investigators had thought she must have been moved, or dressed in shoes post-mortem, and that the shoes by the door were hers.  The shoes by the door were left by the killer to blend in with other shoes left by the door in a Japanese house.  And the victim had also been in a hurry, walking on the floor on hands and knees to get her keys because… in Japan, you don’t wear shoes indoors.  Without this cultural context, none of the mystery, none of the investigators’ confusion, none of the solution revolving around the killer admitting her horror at the victim’s actions (plus the victim was sleeping with the killer’s husband so this was a last straw, not that wearing shoes inside is that big of a deal), makes sense.  Transformers Prime exists in an American cultural context because that’s the culture of the grand majority of its writers and producers.  When characters say things or perform actions onscreen, these things are presented to the audience with the assumption that the audience will understand the cultural connontations of the words and actions.

When a character gives a thumbs up, that’s culturally coded.  When a character says, like, yanno, um, says like, like all the time, that voice acting / writing is culturally coded.  When a character speaks in a rough voice with a slight drawl, that also has connotations for that character’s interpretation.  All based on wide stereotypes that pervade our media.  Thus when a male character compliments a female character’s chassis, it could be a compliment, or he could be straight and be hitting on her.  When a male character compliments a male character’s chassis, it could be a compliment, or it could be almost the least offensive way to show a character is gay in a kids’ cartoon.  When a character is obsessed with being tough, and showing off to friends, and breakin da rulez, and doing daredevil actions, and saying “bro”, he could be showing how much of a straight teenage male he is, like Smokescreen, or it could all be a coincidence.  When a character is vain, concerned with the appearances of himself but also others, forms a close relationship with a male colleague, speaks in a delightfully lilting and campy manner, and is a bit hedonistic, these could be stereotypical effeminate gay man stereotypes, or it could just be a coincidence.  All of these interpretations are just fine, but we owe it to ourselves to discuss them in their cultural context.

I want to reiterate how interpretations change with each viewer, and how most are perfectly valid, and don’t interfere with or ruin the canon.  If someone thinks that the canon hints at Ratchet being in secret, doomed, tacit love for Optimus, then that’s really not interfering with the canon or ruining the story.  If someone looks at Prowl and Jazz from G1 and thinks they are totally hot for one another, then that is their interpretation that I can only be baffled at, but not give a definitive “no that’s impossible” to.  If someone thinks that Blackarachnia and Optimus in TFA were just best friends before certain spoilers, and not in love, that’s great and reasonable too.  Love is great, friendship is great!  And most of all, if someone likes gay robots, their thoughts cannot hurt you.

Transformers are meant, as characters and as toys, to be tools for people to project themselves and their imaginations on in order to use storytelling and play to entertain and to make sense of our physical skills and our world.  Play with transformers has many facets, both the physical and mental challenge of converting the toys, as well as the mentally stimulative story-based play that can be as simple as “VRRRMMMM POW good Optimus kicks evil Megatron” to long involved stories about WHY good Optimus kicks evil Megatron.  Both styles of play are important for children and adults.  But toys are more likely to be played with, and stories more likely to be engaged with, when there is an aspect to them that pulls in the audience.  If that aspect is as small as one viewer thinking “oh cool, that character is like me,” even if that’s just their personal interpretation, I see no problem.

Sexual orientation may well not exist among Transformers, but it does exist in the larger audience for transformers, and the culture that informs the audience’s appreciation of transformers.  In this manner, just as it’s powerful for a girl to see a “girl” transformer and thus see herself in the show, it can be powerful for a gay person to see a “gay” transformer and thus see themself in the show.  That is why Knockout as gay is a perfectly legitimate interpretation of his character, and why it should be permissable for people to aspire to have more characters that are gay.

Also, seriously, people saying Knockout is gay doesn’t cause angry wasps to attack you or anything.

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Seeing humanizations of Prime Starscream that are young and handsome makes me wonder if I dreamed the time in “Shadowzone” that Knock Out couldn’t find him a replacement arm because he was so old

#i feel like the formula for an accurate Starscream would be to take someone who was a bit of a pretty boy in his early twenties #then add on roughly a decade of stressful living and a stupid goatee

yes perfect

100% agree.  Totally how I see him except add on more than a decade.  Also this probably happens occasionally, at least within humanscream’s imagination…


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Someone wrote a review of BB on ff.net that just said

please dont pare knock out and and breakdown gay storys are weird


Well, friend, I think you know what you must do.  Tracks needs a cameo in Breaking Barriers where her creators are spelled out in no uncertain terms.  Dedicate it to guest.

Then again, despite the latent homophobia, perhaps guest did not wish for a scene where Knockout and Breakdown have their paintjobs or outer plating sliced off.  I agree with this anti-paring measure.  Poor BD’s chassis has suffered enough and KO doesn’t need any more indignities either.

But seriously, now is the time to gay it up, bb.

it shall be done.


Read More

Friend, I am sad that I won’t be beta-ing any more of your chapters for Breaking Barriers, since it has now come to such a glorious and satisfactory conclusion.  It’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and sets a new standard for TF fiction.  I especially like how you didn’t forget about Vee!  I think this is the greatest chapter of all, and that FF.net and Guest will fall in love with it immediately!  They can’t resist the power of gay robots and baby robots this strong!

This is beautiful, and dare I say it, epic.  A story for the ages.


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He kills me.

Best part of the movie.  Perfect baby.


He kills me.

Best part of the movie.  Perfect baby.

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—SPOILERS— Predacons Rising : a long fight scene interspersed by all the wrong character development.

Except for Knock Out, who was ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS.

Also there is a fountain of babies.

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I think this is literally the only reason I tried to make a humanized Knockout

Theirs was a love meant to be.


I think this is literally the only reason I tried to make a humanized Knockout

Theirs was a love meant to be.

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MAGICAL GIRL MAY IS THE BEST MONTH.An Orion roleplayer has commented on Orion’s ongoing disbelief as the situation spirals out of control from pic set 1 to pic set 2.  Well, Orion :
If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

An Orion roleplayer has commented on Orion’s ongoing disbelief as the situation spirals out of control from pic set 1 to pic set 2.  Well, Orion :

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

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Bibby Dump

It’s another preview of this thing that will probably come out not at New Years but we can all still hope.  Because look at this effort.  Bibbies take a lot of effort.  After this, backgrounds will be so half-hearted y’all will be surprised.  And these are just the bibbies that show up in episode 1, a fraction of future bibbies. (except starscream actually doesn’t show up) (I know you’re heartbroken at that prospect but bear with the storytelling.  ep 1 and 2 have to introduce a lot of new characters.)

And if I saved that png right, swoov is partially transparent.

Next time on bibby dump : the femmeceptor you’ve all been waiting for, and a Driftaboo.

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Breaking Barriers isn’t even written yet by the amazing Lizwuzthere and already I have done fanart.  Yay these silhouette posters.

Breaking Barriers isn’t even written yet by the amazing Lizwuzthere and already I have done fanart.  Yay these silhouette posters.

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re-con stands for Reconsider/Reconstruction.  Aka “what Obfuscobble dreams of happening instead of season 2.”  Followers have seen a little fanfic of it before, including Breakdown admitting feelings to Orion, TC and Warp giving Airachnid the smackdown, and Megatron and Orion reminiscing about the old days.  Well there is so much more and it only gets stranger.  So much stranger.  But I wanted to draw promotional pictures for it like Lizwuzthere does for her fanfics.  So voila.

Y’all will have to wait for the big reveal about Perceptor, Drift, Blurr, and Soundwave’s brood.  But I can tell you now that Roddy in this reconstruction is an orange vehicon with a unique head sculpt.  Just to whet your curiosity.

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Commission for Inomuiro.

Commission for Inomuiro.

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ALSO I hope that while picking apart Silas, Knock Out FINDS BREAKDOWN’S SPARK STILL DIMLY ONLINE.  And then brings him back.


You see, Breakdown didn’t go grey.  He could still be in there.


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littlecorona: There’s Japanese Dubbed clips of Knock Out and Breakdown.

kisachi-tf: the voice are… well least the Starscream voice I really don’t like it

Starscream’s voice is excerable. Much like the Korean one, the casting staff went too high.  The whole point of Prime Starscream’s voice, using Steve Blum for it, is for it to be deep and gravely while still OCCASIONALLY climbing up into high pitched hysteria.  Starscream’s voice should rumble around you like an encroaching storm.

Knock Out has a great voice.  I even like his eye-catch talking about BEAUTIFUL TRANSMORMMMMMeh.  The ONLY SAVING GRACE.

in fact, I really don’t like so much the japanese version of transformers prime, in this clip you will know why:

- Starscream singing… srly ?! why he sing meanwhile kills Philip?

My brain has yet to come to terms with that happening.  Because i know when I’m a feared commander sucking the life force out of a subordinate to teach my generals a lesson, I sing “SWEETLY SWEETLY SLURPY SLURPY SWEETLY HU-HU!”  Is this a reference to gurefuru chuuchuu or something?  It really is part of the problem you identified that nothing is allowed to be silent.

- Breakdown saying his name ALL the time

I think you mean WAR BREAKDOWNNNNN (maybe this is branding?)

- Knockout didn’t whistled … PREPARE FOR SURGERY!!
- the unnecesary dialogue, in every time that in the original are quiet
- ARMS UP!!!! TORANSFORMMU!! all the time

Apparently you can’t transform anything without saying TRANSFORM.  Even missiles gotta say WAR BREAKDOWN MISSILE FIRE and then TRANSFORM

at least I like the “gomeeen” of Breakdown for beaten KO with his hammer

Oh gosh that was cute!  And very in character for Breakdown.  On the other hand, I’m not sure about the translation of “fight?” “mmm, drive.”  as “yaru ka?” “iya, tettai da.”  I would have gone with “tatakau?”/”tuduku?” “uun, unten.”/”uun, tettai.”  Because I enjoyed the one word clipped nature of the original abd because Knock out should always be going mmmmmmmnnnnnnnn

I could go on more about the japanese dub and how I dislike it, and how at many times the translation is awkward, but I won’t.  For an example that sticks to me personally, Knock Out and Starscream’s exchange about ground modes lost an important point: Starscream says in Japanese “I NEEEEEEEVER understood why a decepticon would choose automobile for his vehicle mode.  Flying is much cooler, right?”  which loses the delicious headcanon making implications of “why choose automobile when he COULD have flight”

That said, watching these Japanese clips and trying my hardest to understand them while coparing to my memory of the originals has been a greatly satisfying challenge.


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Anonymous asked you : “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” & “Hey Knock Out, nice job pissing yourself in that episode.”


There was me (that is, Knock Out) and my three commanders (that is, Megatron, Dreadwing and Hardshell), and they sat in the Lowgrade Bar trying to make up their processors what to do with me this evening.  The Lowgrade Bar served lowgrade plus : lowgrade plus verdigris, or brake slag, or synth-en, which was what they were drinking.  This would sharpen them up and make them ready for a bit of the old medicviolence.
(click for higher res)

In which I reference two classic movies at once.

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