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Last time on re-con.
More promotional images for Transformers Prime Re-Con.  Revealing that it’s not only the Decepticons who would be getting reinforcements in my season, but the Autobots as well.  Both sides reunite with heroes thought long lost.

The dinobots are FuegoFish’s versions and OCs : Grimlock, Glitch, Swoop, and Whiplash.  These Arthurian heroes and heroines from Cybertron’s Silver Age come to lead the Autobots during Optimus’ absence, and remind their comrades of the glory of Cybertron they they all fight for.  There is also a secret fifth Dinobot who will make the Decepticons quiver in their plating, literally.

The writing on Sunstorm’s wings says “forgive me” over and over.  The Dinobots get a Dinobot Shakespeare quote, because meta puns.

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